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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Baptists Promote Ex-Gay Therapy - VI

Comment posted regarding Tennessean article Baptists reach out to gays, to make them 'ex-gays'

deliciousirony80 mentions,

"I agree with cortney, too. At some point, we have to stand back and let it sink in that nobody is going to change minds on here. I do appreciate seeing what others think and new ways to consider or think about what I believe in. But it is very rare that this people on this forum really change my way of thinking on whatever topic. I have to assume that people who disagree with me would be similar, at least in that respect."

Perhaps so, yet we can't let misinformation about gays go unanswered. We must respond to their lies with the truth:

1. People who are adjusted to their natural born sexuality, both gay and straight, can live the same healthy, happy, productive lives. Those who claim that being straight is "better" than being gay are just as mistaken as those who believed that being white is superior to being black.

2, There are no diagnostically testable differences between gays and straights. They both respond similarly during psychological testing.

3. Gays have served in the military with distinction, as have others. The idea that being gay is a disability or disorder is clearly refuted by these undeniable facts.

4. No environmental factors during upbringing have been shown to influence adult sexual orientation. These natural variations in human sexuality are a near random happenstance of birth.

5. No "cure" for same sex attractions has ever been found. These primitive limbic system responses to sexual stimuli are not subject to change.

6. Those who unjustly condemn gays and their behavior bare a great deal of responsibility for the problems gays have. In areas where gay acceptance is higher, these problems fade away.

Professionals and others who are aware of these facts need to bring them to the public's attention. Confronting the hateful lies and malicious misinformation that some spew out about gays not only helps members of the GLBT community and their families but the community in general as well.


At 1/24/2008 4:09 PM, Anonymous deliciousirony80@aim.com said...

Hi. I am deliciousirony80 on the Tennessean.com forum. It has come to my attention that my screen name and quote are used here.

Could you please remove my screen name and quote? Thank you.


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