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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Linking to Anti-Gay Sources

I followed the link at comment #342 and I found that this is just some fellow's biased opinion, it's not research. The legitimate scientific research he attempts to trash, in fact, supports what I posted in comment #339. And who runs this web site?

The Southern Poverty Law Center keeps track of over 700 hate groups in the country: neo-nazis, skin-heads, various Klans. The sponsor of this web site, the Family Research Institute, is one of three anti-gay groups on the SPLC list.

Then we see on the bottom of the web page, that this report is published by none other than the notorious Paul Cameron, who was kicked out of the American Psychological Association for ethical violations (lying about gays) and disowned by the American Sociological Association for using improper methodology in his efforts to misrepresent (lie about) gays in his continually discredited research.

If someone here seeks support for their views by associating with a designated anti-gay hate group or relies on the bogus work of Paul Cameron and his ilk, then why should we believe anything else that they say? We should know better. Yet how are we to have the people vote based on the truth of these important matters when there are politicians, preachers and posters who continue to spew out such hateful nonsense about gays?

Also posted at Family Scholar's Blog, comment #360


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