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Monday, March 27, 2006


Religious Leaders Condemn Anti-Gay Amendment

Here's some good news on the religious front for gay marriage supporters as reported in the St. Paul, Minnesota Pioneer Press:
At least 1,000 people rallied at the state Capitol Thursday in opposition to a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Like a rally in support of the amendment earlier this week, the event was organized largely through religious institutions and the speakers were almost all clergy members.

"I'm here out of my faith," said the Rev. Tim Tennant-Jayne, an ordained United Methodist minister. He was one of at least 60 clergy members at the Capitol. Religious people against the amendment, he said, "haven't been as loudly a part of this. Conservative viewpoints have been very loud."

Shrill is more like it. Ignorance results in fear. The reaction to fear is anger, which provides strong motivation for action, no matter how misguided. Politicians and preachers who play to the prejudices of people they intentionally misinform are a disgrace. The religious right is neither.
Sister Rita McDonald, a Roman Catholic nun, said she came to the Capitol because she feels the proposed amendment, which bans gay marriage, is unfair, mean and ignorant.

"I think the churches are too quiet and careful," she said.

The recent Pew Research poll of those who "strongly oppose" legalizing gay marriage found Catholics at 19%, which is near the 18% for mainline Protestant churches. Both are below the 28% for the nation overall.
From the podium in the Capitol rotunda, clergy said the amendment is un-Christian and unloving.

I agree. Hatefulness is not a part of Christ's teaching. Dividing us over our differences is the devil's work, that's for certain.
The Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde of St. John the Baptist Episcopalian Church in Minneapolis said unemployment, homelessness and lack of access to health care do far more damage to the institution of marriage than any same-sex union would.

This reflects what Leonard Pitts, Jr. said in my previous post.

More main line Christians like these who follow Christ's "love thy neighbor" commandment need to speak out on these matters. This is a good start.


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