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Friday, August 24, 2007


Charisma- When Preaching Becomes a Hate Crime

From a comment on the Charisma Forum When Preaching becomes a 'Hate Crime'

Macy said:

Funny thing is Bill, despite all that wonderful intellectual crowd telling us that homosexuality isnt wrong or whatever,
the one that made them and has all knowledge and wisdom,
calls it an abomination?

The abomination is when men leave their "natural" affection for women (HETEROSEXUALS) and engage in same sex behaviors.

In Sodom, the vast majority of the men who showed up at Lot's door were HETEROSEXUALS behaving badly.

Paul comdemns th HETEROSEXUALS who left their wives at home to engage the services of young male prostiutes, a form of birth control, and the HETEROSEXUAL idol worshipers engaging in promiscuous sexual activities with both men and women.

The prohibition in Leviticus is to keep HETEROSEXUAL men from using this form of birth control as well, to ensure the growth of the tribe during their 40 years in the desert.

For the HETEROSEXUALS mentioned in each case in the Bible, to engage in same sex activities is "unnatural" and therefore "sinful."

For homosexuals to engage in sexual activities with a person of the opposite sex would be just as "unnatural" for them and therefore also "sinful."

Note the tragedy that results when a gay man tries to pretend to be straight and enters a sham marriage with someone he could never love, only to have the whole arrangement fall apart later when the pretense can no longer be maintained. This is particularly damaging to the family and society in general when there are children involved.

This is the terrible harm that is done if someone were to follow Lucy's unethical suggestions.

The abomination is when a person doesn't live within the boundries of the sexual orientation they are born with, whether it's heterosexuals having unnatural relations with persons of the same sex which is what the Bible addresses or same sex attracted people having unnatural relations with persons of the opposite sex. Both are unnatural and therefore sinful. Relations which are appropriate to one's sexual orientation are not.

Don't use passages which condemn the inappropriate behavior of heterosexuals and assume they apply to same sex attracted persons as well.

Would you consider marrying someone who is gay??? I don't think that would be wise. Do you?


At 1/01/2008 3:45 PM, Blogger Rick Brentlinger said...


I appreciate your reasoned, logical, Biblical informed morality.

Thanks for your courage in confronting hatred, bigotry, prejudice and the just plain silly approach of so many professing Christians on the issue of homosexuality.

Rick Brentlinger

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