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Friday, April 22, 2005


The God of Reality vs ID

I really can't understand those who believe in the God of Biblical Mythology. The more we learn about the reality of the universe God created, the more irrelevant these creationist stories become. Before long they'll be regarded on a par with the stories form Greek and Roman mythology.

Being out of touch with reality is a way of describing someone who is insane. Trying to reinterpret reality to fit one's preconceived notions is an attempt to preserve whatever sanity these people have left. No wonder they're so fanatic about it. Facts and logic will never convince them. The fear of going crazy defies all reason. Preserving one's sanity is more important than recognizing the truth.

In Sunday School I remember how excited I was to learn about the Biblical stories, something we didn't talk about in public school. The coloring book with the animals on Noah's ark was a favorite. Yet the understanding was that the Bible was written long, long ago. There were libraries worth of information we had learned about the world since this one book was written. If we wanted to know more about God's marvelous creation, we should study as much science as we can.

So how can someone worship "God the Creator," then turn around and deny the reality of the world they say their God created? How can these believers pretend to love God, while closing their minds to the knowledge of His world that our scientists provide us? Denying the reality of God's creation is not only disrespectful of God but also makes these people look silly.

If we're ever going to get rid of this ID infection, it's going to be done by believers in the God of reality. Scientific knowledge can't dissuade someone whose sanity depends on believing the contrary.

God's existence is everywhere around us, we see it in the reality of His creation. How dare these ID goons insult God by finding evidence of His existence only in a few obscure cell structures and functions? And what happens as scientists discover, one by one, how these came into existence through evolutionary processes? Does that mean, when the last one is accounted for, then "poof" God disappears? Who could be so foolish as to introduce something into science class that will eventually show that God doesn't exist?

That would be my approach. Thanks ~DS~ (Also posted here.


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