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Monday, February 20, 2006


Positive Trends in Support for Gays

The Federal Marriage Amendment has less support this year than last, when it received only 49 votes in the Senate, 18 less than required for passage. I see that the latest Zogby pole has support for gay marriage at 36%, up from 32% in 2004. The majority approve of either marriage or civil unions for gays.

I see that the Republican leadership in states like Ohio, Penn and Kansas have quashed anti-gay legislative proposals by their more right wing colleagues. They fear a backlash against the party as a whole by their states more fair minded citizens. Business leaders appreciate that having a gay friendly state is good for the state economy as a whole and their businesses in particular. Conservative Republicans in the traditional "small government is better" sense see some of these anti-gay proposals as unwarranted government intrusion into areas which are none of the government's business.

I note that clergy groups against anti-gay proposals are gaining strength in states like Mass, New Jersey and Colorado, reminding us that anti-gay sentiment exists in some religious sects, but is not characteristic of Christians in general. I'm glad to see that gay affirming Christian blogs like Jim Johnson's Straight Not Narrow site are becoming more popular.

Last year Jerry Falwell came out in support of non-discrimination policies for gays in housing and employment. Now James Dobson supports including gays in this reciprocal benefits proposal. More people are coming to realize that treating the few unfairly adversely effects the rest of us as well. The position "We've always done it that way" is no longer seen as a valid excuse for discriminating against gay couples and their children.

I hope and pray that these gay positive trends will continue.


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