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Friday, April 28, 2006


Jim asks "Why are Fundamentalists Anti-Gay?"

Fellow Christian blogger, Jim Johnson of Straight not Narrow has an article featured at the Gay Christian Outpost titled Why are Fundamentalist Anti-Gay.

It's hard to find the "key" quotes, since each paragraph has a few, but here is a sample to give you a feel for what Jim is saying:
Why do so many Christians put so much effort into condemning, discriminating against, and sometimes outright hating homosexuals? I'll share the primary causes that I have seen and offer suggestions for how it can be effectively handled.

I believe some of the loudest voices shouting against the GLBT community do so not due to any doctrinal belief, but to draw attention, wealth, and ultimately power for themselves and their organizations...

They appeal to the lowest common denominators, preaching about what gays and lesbians will “take away” from “traditional families.” Of course the infidelity, abuse, and dysfunction running rampant in those families which they are fighting so hard to maintain as “God’s blueprint,” is seldom if ever addressed...

How does this reflect God’s plan for our lives and spur the growth of the body of believers? Not very well, I'm afraid. Many, many things are said in God’s name that have little to do with God’s will for our society, be it in the United States or any other nation. Of course, Jesus showed us with his words, actions, and his painful death that Godliness is not about grabbing power and forcing people into your will. It is about being a willing servant and subjugating one’s own will to God’s. That’s not very “sexy” these days, even in Christ’s own church...

We don't need to fight, but we need to make sure our voice is heard because the other side is being broadcast at full throttle. They have a huge advantage in resources, but our side does have an edge.

They have God’s name, but we have God’s love and the Holy Spirit. If we show that to the world, they will indeed know that we are Christians by our love.

For those who are interested in a Christian perspective that is far different than the "gays are going to hell" variety, please take a few minutes to read to whole article.


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