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Monday, March 06, 2006


Respect for Our Children Whose Parents are Gay

We're at it again over at Family Scholar's Blog.

On Lawn said, “Gays don’t have children,…”

This assertion is not only insulting and hateful of gays, but also to the over 4,000,000 children (as of 2000) who have at least one gay parent, and the 416,000 children (2000 census) who are being raised by same sex couples. Do you think these children like to be told that their fathers and mothers aren’t really parents because they happen to be gay? Of course not.

Instead, these children deserve to have their parents respected for what they do, not who they are, just like their friends’ parents are: for working hard for a living, for being boy scout and church leaders, and for all the other activities they engage in (like shoveling the neighbor’s driveway) that make them valued members of the community.

These kids don’t deserve to have their parents talked about based on opinions that come straight from a nationally recognized anti-gay hate group, or have malicious lies told about their parents based on bogus research by the discredited Paul Cameron and his ilk, both of which you have done.

You say you are for children’s rights, but apparently not if the children have parents who are gay. Instead you insist that these children do not deserve to have parents who are married like the parents of their friends at school.

We have laws to ensure that gay children are treated fairly in school. We need laws that treat gay parents fairly as well, by providing them with the same rights and privileges of marriage for themselves and their children that the rest of us have. That’s the way to respect the rights of all children.


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